Because I have to migrate an old dos-database application from a single pc
to a nw6.5 sp5 server, I tried to setup License metering, so that only one
user in the network can start these application.

The first problem was to find that nls32 and nlsapi32 are missing on the
client. Without these files, the application was startable without
After copying nls-files to the workstations, license metering seems to
start working.
After the first start, a second instance of the application was not
startable, an NLS error D021, no license availiable occured.
But only for something about 30 seconds. After this time, another instance
could be started.

When I look at the assigned license container in NW Admin, it told me, that
1 license is availiable, 0 licenses are use.

The server is running NW6.5 SP5 with actual patches and ZFD 7.0.1. One the
client is WINXP with client 4.91sp2 with 4.91 PKC.

Thanks for any suggestions

Regards from Austria

Reinhold Steininger