I have ZDM 6.5.1 to deploy GW7.01 clients.

I have created an App with the MSI and GWTuner created MST file.

This is a chained app as follows:
1. uninstall App for GW 6.5.4 MSI build
2. Install the GroupWise ISScript MSI
3. Install the GroupWise.msi.

Then I have added registry tweaks within the same Zen App Object.

For the first user on a workstation this all works as advertised - the
old app uninstalls, the ISScript and GW7 all install - then the registry
changes are applied.

For the second user on the workstation...

It appears that all the chained apps MSI runs again (despite ZDM6.5.1
bug) but the registry keys changes are not written for this user.

Can anyone here confirm that the combination of MSI app and registry key
changes works for a second and subsequent users ??

Still scratching my head....