We've had issues lately where our applications are uninstalling all by
themselves. I've personally had an issue where WMRUNDLL.EXE blows up
with an application errors and then everything starts uninstalling.
After rebooting as along as the Zen agent did not uninstall, everything
would install again. We are trying to track down why these problems
are happening. These people run the same objects as everyone else. It
is not Windows XP versus Windows 2000, but are not sure why it is

We had an issue last weekend that that 5 people in their event viewer
showed lack of network connectivity during the weekend and most of
their applications uninstalled. The switch ended up being rebooted
because these people could not log in because of lack of IP address.
Because the last agent was pushed with an object, if that unloaded,
basically we had to visit the workstation. We have been running like
this for months without any problems and have recently updated the
servers and workstations with a new Zen agent and patch Novell gave

Also, we have Office 2003 caching to the workstation so it creates a
c:\nalcache\treename\office_2003.apps...\install\. .. We have noticed
on several occassions that this install directory disappears and we
cannot uninstall, update or do anything with office then. Launcher
configuration shows user/workstations caching read/write is on.

Anyone have any ideas or any debugging we can do?