I use NAL reporting to say whether the application has distributed
successfully and I find that this doesn't tell me whether the application
has INSTALLED properly.

I need a better way of knowing that the MSI has installed correctly and
successfully. Any different ways to report on this?

One instance, I have had to set up a 'simple NAL object' to install an
MSI as I had to use some parameters which did not work in an MSI nal
object (i know you'll ask me questions!). It appears that where one of
the installs failed using this method there was another MSI running so
that is why the application didn't install properly - I had set
a 'Determine Force Run Order'. Surely this should have come back as a
Distribution Failure.

I've read this following documentation - I have seen where an MSI has
failed to install and this gets written back to the logs - is this just
on an MSI app object though?


Is it the case that a simple NAl object will just report on the launching
of the application, in this case msiexec, and report a success even
though this MSI install failed? Is this just the limitations of NAL not
understanding the lauched process and therefore not knowing whether that
process has completed successfully?

What I need is better reporting.. Any good ideas would be really helpful.

We are using zfd652 agents on desktops - what about zen 7? Any

Thanks in advance.. Leo