When Office 2003 was deployed, force cache and run was turned on to
distribute lights out and have Office installed on their machine Monday
morning working. This has worked great for the last 6 months'.
Recently we installed a new novell client, Netware 6.5, new Zenworks
agent, and a domain policy change for cache creditials was
turned on not to mention the million patches distributed to all
workstations with WSUS. Our environment is Windows 2000 and Windows XP
and we are seeing all kinds of problems now.

One problem in particular is office has been deployed and working on
our servers for quite some time with NO changes to these zenworks
objects at all. Well the majority of workstations on one of the servers
now has lost the following directory
(c:\nalcache\TREE\office_2003.apps.....\install).. .so we can't repair
office, remove office, nothing at this point. The only forseeable
thing it to bump the version up on this server app and let it
redistribute and cache again or create a custom maintenance wizard file
and let it redistribute again. We are assuming everyone would then lose
their settings again if we redistribute.

We have investigated and we cannot find out what is making this stuff
go away. No launcher config options have been changed, no changes to
the Zen object were made, and all *.bin files are still located there.

Anyone every had anything. This server is not part of our cluster as
are several other servers. What would cause this to happen? Policy
problems, etc?