Alright, I'm working on a Netware 6.5, Zenworks 6.5 environment here.
I'm NOT the Novell guy for the network, but our Novell guy is a new
one, and he doesn't have much experience with Zenworks. I've been
trying for forever to get this thing working and it won''s the

I work at a College campus, and i've got a pay-for-print system that
i'm working on implementing in the Library for the 16 lab computers.
I've got the printer set up through iManager in iPrint. I've been
trying to get it to push that printer to that set of workstations, but
to no avail. At first, I tried pushing it to the wks through RPM, but
then i read on here yesterday that RPM only pushes to users and user
groups. But I've also got an Application object that i created with
snAppshot that i set to force run that is supposed to install that
printer and default it.....i don't understand why this isn't working at

I just want to know if there's some way i can manually make it push it
out...cuz i don't know how the Force Run setting on the object works as
far as how it's scheduled. I just don't know how all this Zenworks
stuff works...

I've got one computer out of the 16 that works properly. Every student
that logs into that machine has no printers but that one printer and
it's set to default. And i need that for all 16 computers.....any
ideas??? Please help!