When when I tried utilizing the Rightfax MSI and creating an MST and
pushing this to the workstations with Zenworks 6.5 SP2+hot fixes, the
install was very inconsistent on machines creating the RightFax Fax
Printer, but the rest of the install went fine. So we decided to once
again utilize the Setup.INI with parameters and pushed this through a

So now we have patched Rightfax with Feature Pack 1b and have updated
the network level install with that Feature Pack install. Now we need
to roll this out. I'd like to roll out with the MSI via Zenworks, but
now when we need to click the MSI and install manually just to test the
install we receive there is already an install on your machine....you
must go into add/remove programs.... So it seems like pushing the
patches to the workstations are not as easy. So if we edit the
setup.ini for the reinstall, this works fine if we repush the setup.exe
install, but we also need the setup.ini to install new client installs.
This seems to be a mess. Has anyone had any experience getting the
install and new patches to the workstation??

Any help would be most appeciated. Oh ya...we need to do most software
installs lights-out at night or silently so not to interrupt the
clients business day.