Using Novell6.5 SP(?) Zen version 4x SP2
(slightly positive I might not get replys on this)
I am so fustrated i have seen numerous requests for this same issue with
NO fully encompassing solutions provided either in the forums or by the
novell specialists but here goes.(The app is a self extracting and self
executing app
1)Placed application exe file in a netware network folder in our app
install volume.
2)Assigned network rights to the workstation object for the file location
through netware.(WS object is present in edirectory)
3)Permissions modified on NALCACHE on workstation(deleted cache just
4)Set Environment on the app object consoleOne (Secure system user,Normal
mode, reebot if required).
(with WS associated in both instances).If i place it in the NAL window
and run from there after login it works. If i try to force run after a
reboot and (version or GUID) change app would not run. I get an error in
my install log (error 123 createfile(c:/temp/???p). IF you think you are
really worth the challenge solution please !!!!!!!!