I have set up an Zenworks desktop management agent MSI package which
installs fine when it is associated to a normal user (when set to force
run). If I want to do a force run when associated to a workstation
group it wont work, you have to double click the icon after it has been
cached. This isnt really how I would like it, I would like it to
automatically install.

1, can I get this to automatically install when associated to the

If I have to get a user to click on the icon it will work fine for a
normal user but on certain users they have a restrictive policy which
says they are not allowed to install stuff so when they have the icon
popup in their NAL window (because its associated to that workstation)
and click it, it returns an error of 1625 (a restrictive policy is
stopping the installation)

2, Is there anyway around this?