Just been playing around with creating an application object for Acrobat 8
Std, and while it is distributing, it says Processing File, the progress bar
goes up a notch or 2, then shows no bars, then it'll do a few more, and
again it'll drop back. Eventually it gets there and comes home pretty
quick, but just curious as to why the progress bars go up and down.

Is it getting errors and rolling back, or just incorrectly estimating the
amount of work to do?

As it seems to take longer than what i think it should (that's just me..)
I've watched the network utilization, and it's not pushing very hard at all,
so just not sure what it is doing..

I just added the 8.1.0 patch, so now it takes even longer.

I've noted a few things (roughly):
Acrobat 8 Std 5mins 520meg
8.1.0 patch 6mins 150meg

Total 11mins 770meg

Nothing in the MSI logs that scream bad things.

Deploying to XPSP2, p4 3.2gig. 1gig ram.

Any ideas?