This question has been asked before but I have now been looking into it
in a bit more detail.
Basically we have the full management agent installed (with all the
options) and one of them options are to have the NAL window start

Some of the installations, boxes were not ticked to start the NAL
window so a reg key was pushed out to say "NALWindow =
C:\progfiles\novell\zenworks\nalwin.exe"....... this was in HKLM\ \
\current version\run

Here is the problem, sometimes we have 2 windows opening up and this
seems very random (with regards to who is logged on).

When we have 2 windows open I have ran process explorer and one is
running from NAL.exe and the other is running from Explorer.exe

The way we are thinking is....... a process called NAL.exe looks to see
what is running (so i have been told) and then lets whatever run (we
have nalwin.exe in the reg and nalwin.exe in All Users, startup
The only conclusion we can come to is if the WorkStation kicks in first
and nal window is started from the registry, nal.exe will see it
running and not fire up the second window.
If the login script runs first it starts the nalwin.exe from the all
users folder and then the reg settings also kick in.

Anyone have any thoughts on this and the best way to solve the