I currently have a NAL object that deploys Office 2003 from an MSI

It does so as an unsecure system user, off of a Netware Fileserver,
applying a transform to make this the "standard" install of office.
This part works fine.

Now, I want to create another object, that will modify the existing
installation, and add Microsoft Access.

If I create another object with a new transform file, it fails because
the product "Office 2003" is already installed. I assume this is
because transforms are for initial installation.

If I log into the workstation as myself (admin privs) and add MS access
by doing a "change" on Office in add/remove programs, the program is
installed, but the regular user is not allowed to run it.

I'm still new to Novell and ZEN, so if someone could help point me in
the right direction, I would appreciate it.