I'm getting occasional conflicting IP address errors. On top of that some
of our VOIP phones are periodically unable to connect to the DHCP (NW 6.5
sp5) server to get new addresses.

Is there a way to manually flush any non-current DHCP records from
Netware? Is there a way to have it happen automatically?

I'm guessing we're running out of addresses so I want to flush the system
to see if that clears things up.

DHCP is provided by 2 Netware 6.5 sp5 servers. One is the main and the
other is a backup both are on the same cluster).

We have 50 users and an availible DHCP range of 150 DHCP addresses. Those
were set to expire every 3 days.

Recently we got a VOIP phone system and those phones require DHCP
addresses as well. I've lowered the lease to expire every 15 hours. For
logistical reasons I don't particularly want to open up a larger range.

Much thanks to any and all responses!