On the weekend we upgraded our Netware 5.1 Server to Netware 6.5 OES (with
6GB RAM and new hardware). In Novell Remote Manager the Total System
Memory is 6,440,829,952 yet when you click on this the Server Memory Pools
Summary shows Server Known Memory as 3,487,972,416 bytes.

At the server console we are seeing the following:

Original cache buffers: 850,547
Total cache buffers: 29,683 (not static)
Dirty cache buffers: 0 (static)
Long term cache hits: 0% (static)
Current disk requests: varies between 0 and 1
Packet receive buffers: 10,000 (static)
Dirty cache buffers: 0 (static)
Maximum service processes: 750

I have read some Novell documentation which states that if the Long Term
Cache Hits are below 90% to add more RAM. The server has only been up for
1 day 22 hours. I am just concerned that the server is not using all the
available memory. Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you