I'm running NetWare 6.5 sp1.1. Inventory Database is stored on MS SQL
server 2000.

I read the upgrade documentation a couple of times but I failed to locate
any information on upgrading the Inventory database when running on MS
SQL. I proceeded to upgrade to 6.5. Everything except Inventory seems to
have worked perfectly. The Inventory service continually says "Storer:
Database not initialized as it is being upgraded ...will retry after 300

Which makes sense because I don't believe it was upgraded. At this point
I'm thinking about going through the SQL setup for 6.5 and create a new
database, but I have about 1500 machines inventoried in the current
database so I would like to maintain the data. If anyone could point me
to any docs on upgrading a SQL inventory database it would be

I found a few tids on the Storer problem but they all related to Zen 4.x
or earlier and did not believe they pertained to my situation.