We have ZEN 6.5 running on NW 6.5 sp1. We did a full install of all ZEN 6.5
Desktop Management options. After the install, the inventory service started
importing workstations without a problem. Once we install the ZEN 6.5
Desktop Management Agent on a client, it would then be inventoried. In the
properties of the workstation object, under the ZENworks inventory tab, scan
status shows OK, minimal information shows the appropriate minimal
information, but when we click on "More Workstation Information", we get the
error "The configured Inventory database in empty". This has us confused as
there is only one inventory database object in NDS. So the question is: what
are we missing? We feel like all the import/inventory policies are setup
correctly, but we must be missing something simple.

Also, when we go to the workstation container and select Tools --> ZENworks
Inventory --> Workstations Scan Status, the scan status lookup tells us that
the workstation object's status in NDS is "scanned" and the object's status
in the database is "not stored". So we obviously need to get the database
status changed to "stored", but how?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Michael E. Fenyes
Network Administrator
County of Riverside