* Installed the Novell Zenworks 6.5 Server Management (Policy-Enabled
Server Management)with Inventory option ticked


* Installed Zenworks for Desktops 4.0.1. with Inventory option ticked

GOAL: I want to use one Inventory Database to contain both Server
Inventory Data and Workstation Inventory Data.

When running StartInv, I get a Inventory Error Code 632

I noticed in ConsoleOne that I now have two Inventory Service Objects.
When I open one it comes up with dictionary path error, but continues to
open where I notice that it has a Software Dictionary. The other one was
created when I installed ZFD 4.0.1.

Do you need to have two Inventory service objects - one for server and one
for workstations in this scenario?

Also when you start startinv.ncf do you need to run it twice to run the
one for the server inventory and the other one to run for the workstation
inventory? Where can you set this?