I am having difficulty with inventory. Only about 40 % of workstations do
have inventory created for them.

I have Netware 6.5SP2, ZwS65. All workstations are identical and have an
identical OS image on them.
At present I have Client4.9SP1. However I have tried SP2 with latest
patches to no avail.
All workstations are being created in a single container. All workstation
created fine,
using MAC address as a name. Zenwsimport IP address is distributed via a
hosts file
and all workstations can ping it. All policies are applied at the container
As far as I can tell from docs and posts here that I have been going through
on this forum,
the policies are correct - after all about 40% of workstations can have
and all imported into NDS. For the workstations that do not have an
inventory I get
an error "Inventory is not present in the configured Inventory database".
Further applications associated with these workstations do not work. (They
work just fine
with the other workstations). In an attempt to troubleshoot this I have
some workstations attributes from NDS using the ODBC driver.
The workstations that do not have inventory do not have a MAC address
attribute set,
even though their name is a MAC address. I am not sure, but I suspect that
distribution is not fouling because the WS do not have inventory, but rather
because the MAC address is not set.

Not sure where to go from here, any suggestions greatly welcomed.