We have a
Netware 6.5 sp2
Zenworks 6.5 w/Sysbase Adaptive Server Anywhere
NSS 3.22 with compression enabled with the following:
Common File System Set parameters

Name Value
Maximum Transactions 10000
Maximum Concurrent Directory Cache Writes 75
Immediate Purge Of Deleted Files OFF
Compression Daily Check Stop Hour 6
Compression Daily Check Starting Hour 0
Minimum Compression Percentage Gain 20
Enable File Compression ON
Maximum Concurrent Compressions 2
Convert Compressed To Uncompressed Option 1
Decompress Percent Disk Space Free To Allow Commit 10
Decompress Free Space Warning Interval 31 minutes 18.5 seconds
Deleted Files Compression Option 1
Days Untouched Before Compression 14

Every two weeks to a month the Sysbase Adaptive Server Anywhere screen will hang
and display the (press any key to close screen). This will hang the console so that we can not enter
any new commands (ie. ping, monitor Also the Symantec Anti-Virus will not update "our clue ASA is hung").
When this occurs we have to browse to the Zenworks database location
DATA1/Zenworks/database/Inv/DB and /database/NAL/DB.
And open the compressed files with Wordpad so they decompress. We've tried to turn-off
file compression attribute at the folder level but each time a new database file is created the compression feature
is turned on. We have had this issue back with Zenworks4. I was hoping the new Zenworks 6.5 would not have
this "feature". :-) Is this a normal problem others have with Zenworks Inventory and File Compression? Is there anything We can modify to negate is annoyance?

Any new/replacement of servers we have left file compression off because of this inconvience.

Mike Garcia