I have been trying to troubleshoot why some of my workstations are not getting scanned for weeks now.

I have the latest ZFDAgent and Novell Client 4.9 SP2 installed on all of my machines. Some machines do not have .STR files associated within C1. There isn't any scan status or last scanned tagged within the workstation object. Machines import and export fine. The local SYSTEMDRIVE%/Zenworks/Zenerror.log is empty. I tried exporting/importing the workstations manually and even tried manually starting a scan within C1. Nothing seems to work on these 30+ out of 125 workstations. Can someone provide any further troubleshooting steps. I would even be opposed to starting from a clean inventory database but I cannot find any documentation on how to start clean DB. I have also tried deleting all workstation objects within C1. All workstations get re-imported but same machines do not scan.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Vance Brammer