Hello NG,

(Sorry but my english is not perfect)
We are use NW 6.5 with ZfD 6.5 - Inventory Database is on a MS SQL Server
Note: I use CrystalReport 9.0 to view and customize the Inventory Reports.

I have determined that a Value(s) in the database of mgmtdb by MS SQL is
Table: [CIM].[t$OSType_{language}]
Column: [Enum]: Value: 67
Column: [EnumString]: Windows XP
Nr: 67 is the Enumeration Values for Software-Operating System MS Windows XP

Problem: By missing of this value, the Hardware summary report does not show
Workstation with XP-OS, becuse the select clausel has a inner-join-statement
on this table...

My Resolve: I have manual added this values in the tables; it functions

Query: But It that normaly?

Thank for Feedback...
Great: Donald Peter