Mysterious problem with the Last Login User field not getting updated in our
Zenworks DB (which happens to be SQL).

If I look at NDS info for the workstation object in C1, the User History tab
is accurate:

User History:

Last user:

However, if I access the Inventory info via C1 or Zenworkstation Browser,
under General->Login details -> Edirectory login details, Current login user
is correct, but Last login User is not.

For example, if it is showing _Current Login User_= user1, _last login user_
= user2, and I log in as user3, then the list should be updated. _Current
login user_ should become user3, _last login user_ should become user1. But
it does not - last user remains user2, but current user updates just fine.

Again, NDS is reflecting the correct user history. So I assume that the
Last Login User field in the Zen DB is coming from somewhere else - and for
some reason that is not getting updated.

I've reviewed the documentation for Zen WS Inventory, but that did not give
me any idea of where to look for this specific an issue. Any ideas?