Zenworks 6.5 newbie here. I have full experience with Zenworks 2.0, but
not newer versions.

I downloaded the ZEN65_DesktopMgmt.iso and burned the image. I then
started reading the documentation. I have a mixed tree of NW 5.1/SP5 and
NW6.0 SP3/6.5 SP2, all using Edir 8.6.2 SP3. I only want to perform
inventory with Zenworks at this time, and not concerned with any other
zenworks functionality. Can I just put up a NetWare 6.x server for doing
the inventory collection and inventory database, and not have to install
the Zenworks server software to my various other NetWare 5/6 servers
that, at first glance of the documentation, don't seem to meet minimum
server software requirements? Will I run a line in the login script that
maps to the new temporary netware minimum software spec server to
register the workstations and then create the workstation and/or user
objects with NWADMIN/ConsoleOne? I am unable to find a scenario like
mine in the documentation where I just want to perform inventory, and am
willing to put up a temporary server to house the Zenworks server
software and inventory database. Is this feasible? Also, someone wrote
in a previous question I posted that I don't need the server software to
do inventory. Can someone please explain this? It might keep me from
having to put up server, I assume.