Hi All,

I'm attemting to get Zen Inventory running but have hit a couple of hurdles.

Firstly the Zen 6.5 doco says the Inventory Service Object named Inventory
Service_server_name should be present but I can't locate it in the
container holding the other objects. I have attempted to recreate it but am
unsure of the object to use - is it zeninvService?
This leads to my next question. When I attemt to use this I get the
following error -

There is not a snapin to create this type of object. If you proceed and use
the generic object creator, the resulting object may not be usable.

Thats all great but we tried reinstalling our snap-ins with no effect. Has
anyone else come across this issue?
So to wrap this all up, am I correct in using that object and if so can
anyone help with the snapin issue?