Hi All,

I've managed to get inventory working but our SQL database is not being
populated. When I browse to the workstation objects and look at the
inventory properties data is there but it is not being transfered to our

We have a service location package set and a database object(?)
(servername_invDatabase) pointing to the SQL database with all usernames
and passwords, driver info etc. set.
I can connect to the database to run a query but obviously there is no data
to pull out.
Running a Workstation Scan Log from the Workstation container returns the
following warning on some machines -

027 Unable to read the sequence number from the workstation object

Not sure if this is relevent as these machines are showing up as scanned
under the workstation scan status but have no database entry.

Our SQL database is 2000 on Server 2003.

Any help would be great.