Hi, I noticed that my remote site workstation objects are being imported
to the wrong container. It is going into my main server (w/database) WK
object container. My remote sites has it own server along with a WK object
container which is specified in the property of the POLPAK for the server
of that site. Inside the Workstation Import Policy > Platforms (General)
under location > Checked the allow import of workstations > in the Select
Container > and I defined the remote's local WS Object container. But for
some reason, if I manually use ZWSreg or allow it to auto., to it's
action, it goes to my main server (where I have to manually move the
object to it's proper container) and not to my leaf server at the remote
site. What option should I use to make sure that the WS object inport into
it's proper local container. Second Question, at my main server, I have
several WS Object containers for sites that do not have a server and that
the site logs into my main server. I like to distinguish these sites (3
sites) by having their WS object import to a specific WS Object container
in my main server site. How can I do that? Do I create individual policies
for the sites with no local servers to go into the specified WS object

Thanks for your help