Environment: Zen 4 on NW6.5sp1

We have an import and removal policy setup but I don't think it is
working correctly. So my question is if I have a workstation names PC1
and userA logs into it and it imports as UserAPC1Win2000. Then UserA
quits. UserB logs into the same machine. Would it not re-import as
UserBPC1Win2000 and remove the User1 workstation?

Also we have users from our Corporate container importing into the wrong
workstation container in another OU. In this forum someone said the fix
to this was to associate the users rather than the workstations to the
policy. And I did notice someone had changed the way we normally do
this policy so it is now set back to be associated with the user. But
once this change is made if removal was truly working wouldn't the
workstation that imported into the wrong OU be removed after 14 days as
per our removal policy?