We are having trouble storing inventory scans from some workstations.
We have a windows ONLY environment, with middle tier servers. (ZEN65SP1,

Some workstations are storing fine. The Storer function is working and we
can see the storer functions for the 'good' workstations in the Inventory
service window.
However some workstations can't store to the inventory db, but DO populate
eDir ZENworks inventory 'minimal information' but show "Scanner(Warning) :
027: Unable to read the sequence number from the Workstation object." in
the Scan Status...

The Inventory service window shows no attempt by these workstations - it's
almost as though the scan file is not arriving (though eDir knows/displays
the scan file name)

How does the workstation access the scandir in Windows only/middle tier
environment? Does the scan xml stream get sent to the MT via http and then
on to the scandir via CIFS?

Any suggestions/explanations welcome!!

Many thanks