Server: Netware 6.5 SP2 with eDirectory 8.7.3
Software: upgraded to Zenworks for Desktops 6.5 SP1 using Sybase as the Inventory Database from ZfD 4 SP1

By the sound of it my error is the same as Scott Murray's which was posted on 3/14. The responses he got seemed to confirm my suspision. Unfortunately they didn't provide concrete info on how to fix the problem.

Last week I upgraded my Zenworks for Desktops 4 SP1 servers to Zenworks for Desktops 6.5 and then applied the ZfD SP1 patch. I did this on the two Netware servers that had Zenworks installed. I think at least one of them has Zenworks for Servers on it as well, though I'm not sure. If it does it is from the 3.x or 4.x era.

I believe I followed the upgrade instructions correctly. I extended the schema, upgraded everything but the inventory server on the first server, upgraded the inventory server, then upgraded the second server (no inventory on that server). I made sure to run the Inventory service after upgrading to ZfD 6.5 but before applying SP1. After applying SP1 I started all the ZfD components and they seemed to be functioning.

I then tried running ConsoleOne from the sys\public\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2 directory on the first server. Everything seemed to be working fine. I then tried to access the inventory database and run a report on a computer but it wouldn't work. When I opened the [server name]_invDatabase object and clicked on the RM Audit tab I got the following error:

"1712: The configured database is not a compatible database. You are trying to access the later version of the ZENworks database."

This sounds like I've got out of date snap-ins.

So today I went to and downloaded the ConsoleOne snap-ins for ZfD 6.5. I applied those to the server's ConsoleOne directory, loaded ConsoleOne, and tried to access the _invDatabase. Same error. I have found references to c1update.exe but that seems to be used for copying the snap-ins from a server to a local workstation. I've tried my copy of ConsoleOne installed on my local workstation (installed off the ZfD 6.5 Companion CD) and one copied down from the server and both of them produce the same error. I tried re-running ZfD install, making sure to have it just do the local workstation portion. I then ran the ConsoleOne that is installed on my workstation and still got the same error.

What did I do wrong? What do I need to do to get this working again?

Thanks for your help!