I have noticed some posts regarding obsolete WS objects appearing in
queries or reports etc.
I have the same situation here. If I run a query for all ws's matching
criteria, I get back some workstations that are no longer present in my tree.
I have compared the situation in eDir, query for all workstations in zen
inv database and a zenworks asset management report. eDir and Zenworks
asset management report data are fairly synchronized, but zen inv db query
is all messed up. I even got back 10-some pairs of workstations with same
name. One of them is usually in user's context and the other one in IT
departments context. I guess the workstations got imported twice. Is this
an error or some strange feature? What actually happens when workstation is
physically moved between locations and users from different contexts log
in? I tried removing those workstations manually but got the "Error in
parsing:Since workstation is absent in Database,Delete/Delta scan files are
ignored". This obviously means that workstations are actually gone from the
database (or at least there is no Full scan data present or correctly
detected by Zen inventory service) Please let me know what you all think. I
have an audit comming up (BSA) and would like to prepare for them...