This error is generated by a buffer overflow due to a long filename, in
our case 135 chars (only filename, without the path).
This filename is automatic generated by a develop application, so we
can’t control this.
The error comes during the conversion from the inventory.xml to
the ????.STR file.

How to check.
1) Check content c:\Zenworks\Zenerrors.log. There must be a
line “initiated scan successfully” and an error 012 “ can’t create .STR
2) Open file c:\Zenworks\???????.STR (with eg wordpad) and go to the end
of the file.
3) Determine which application was the last imported into ????.STR
4) Open c:\Zenworks\inventory.xml (with eg wordpad)
5) Find the application found in step 3
6) Scroll down to the next application and check the length of the field

I don’t know how long this file name may be, but I suspect that
ZfdInvScanner.exe doesn’t check if the file name is too long for his
internal buffer.

This problem still exists in the currently latest ZfdInvScanner.exe (Feb
2005) (ZFD65SP1a)

This problem can only be solved by Novell. Does somebody know if
developers read this group?

C Methorst

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