we can see in our logs the ZIP files are prepared on our leaf servers,
they make reference in the logs to the rootserver, where our database is
located, but there is no mention of them rolling up, nor is there an
error message in its attempts to do so.

I went back to some old logs where rollups were successful and here is
the missing link, the IFS Client:

[3/31/04 12:40:04.836] ZENInv - IFS Client: zeninvReceiverService:
ClientImpl: Init Properties: {serverAddress=,
serviceName=zeninvReceiverService, serverPort=8089}
[3/31/04 12:40:04.844] ZENInv - IFS Client: zeninvReceiverService:
ClientImpl: Transfer Properties: {retries=3, clientTimeout=120000}

what is missing/corrupt on our 6.5sp1a leaf/root servers in terms of this
IFS client (this is from Zen 4, but I am assuming the process/engine
would be the same in the rollup)

is it a disconnect between java? port designation? sybase stuff?

if we had an error message to chase from our log files, we could have
more to go on..but as it stands now, all we have are leaf servers that
are doing what they are supposed to as far as how they handle workstation
scans and inventory, a properly configured (from a properties in
ConsoleOne objects standpoint) root server/database...but no attempt to
transfer data between the two of them.

what is the missing link?
thanks in advance
Rachel Watts