I apologize in advance if this gets too long-winded...

I am in the process of implementing Inventory for ZfD 6.5 on NetWare 6.5.
I have about 25 remote sites (schools) and what I wanted to do was
configure it as follows:

1. Only one database, located at the central District Office.
2. Workstations should inventory during the workday and point to the
inventory service running on a local server.
3. All sites have the inventory service configured as a Leaf server with
workstations attached and NOT connected to a database. Next level server
for all is the District Office (which has the database attached).
4. The site inventory servers should upload to the District server
overnight. I want to avoid having inventory data moving across our WAN
links during school hours.

Where I'm getting stuck is with the Sync schedule vs. Rollup. After
reading the documentation I'm not really clear on the difference between
the two. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should schedule these
two processes to achieve the goals above? Or, is the rollup policy even
required since we don't have databases at the sites?

I have also noticed that whenever I load the database on the central
server CPU#1 pegs at 100% (CPU#2 stays very low). This might be because I
currently have the sites configured to Sync during the day and rollup at

Thanks in advance,