Hey all,

I am new to zenworks period. I have installed zfd 6.5sp1a. I can import a
workstation and it is populating the inventory database.

I have a campus that has many computer labs. I want to organize the
workstations based on their location in a building. I am trying to do so
by setting up an organizational unit for each lab. My question is, how do
I setup the workstation import to create the workstation object within an
organizational unit that corresponds to where the computer is
geographically. Do I create a server policy in each OU and setup the
container information and such for the import policy for that server
package? I am at a bit of a loss.


In zfd 4, there was a workstation policy to restict user login. Is this
now accomplished by dynamic login users (DLU's) if so how do you restrict
a public workstation to just a few edirectory users that can be allowed to

Any info can help.