Original environment: Windows 2000 server with ZEN 4.01. Inv DB running
on a Windows 2000 SQL-server. Installed 2 new Windows 2003 servers; one
for ZEN/MT and one for DirXML/ PWDsync and Inventory gathering. The
original windows 2000 (ZfD4.01-server) is about to be phased out. No ZfD
services is running on this old server at the moment. All workstations
are upgraded to ZDM6SP1a-agent and has been running fine against the new
ZDM65SP1a MT-server. The new inventory server is connecting fine against
the SQL-server and database conversion went without problems.
The problem: When right-clicking on a workstation object in ConsoleOne to
view Inventory data, I get the following error message: 'Incorrect
operating system type. Problem in getting inventory information.'. The
error message occurs both for existing workstation objects with inventory
information (Minimal information is available) and also for new objects
where the inventory scanner have never been run yet (and hence; no
inventory information has been gathered). I have tried both from
ConsoleOne on the ZENworks 2003 server and from an XP workstation with
ConsoleOne copied from the server with correct snapins. All suggestions
are appreciated... :-). Regards, Ivar