I'm trying to setup Database Reporting for my applications.
I did everything as outlined as in the documentation:

* Installing the Sybase Database
* Using an ODBC-Compatible Database
* Installing ODBC Drivers to Workstations
* Creating a ZENworks Database Object
* Configuring the Database's ODBC Information
* Granting ODBC Property Rights to Users
* Enabling the ZENworks Database Policy
* Configuring Application Objects to Use Database Reporting


All this is done on a Netware 6.5 SP2 with ZENworks 6.5.
Windows XP SP1 workstations with Novell Client 4.90 SP2

When I run an application with reporting enabled to the database I can't
get a report out of the database that the launch was a succes or failure.

I can connect to both databases (mgmtdb.db&nal.db )on the workstation
with odbc, also C1 can do this.

Funny thing is when I start the report option in C1 of the Desktop
Management Database, right mouse click --> reporting, the server status
console screen of the ASA 8.0.2 displays "Connection terminated abnormally".

I still can run a "Success Advanced report" but no items are displayed
in the report, besides:"Success Advanced
Report","23-5-2005","Application","Workstation","GUID","Major"," Event
Type","Flags","User","Address","Version","Minor"," Date and

Are there any debuging options to see where this is going wrong?


Louis Ghl