"Inventory is not present in the configured Inventory database"
I am getting this error box when I try to check the "More Workstation
Information" button on the Zenworks Inventory tab of a registered
workstation. The minimal information is there sometimes, but nothing more.
I have ZW 4.01 on NW6sp4 and have just removed a non funtional ZW install
on one server and installed fresh on another server. The second install
went fine, and the workstations seemed to start importing, but only 5
imported before it stopped and even they are not getting into the database.
This is very frustrating.
I've checked and rechecked every aspect and setting in the dozens of places
that could be hanging up this process. There are no errors at all on any of
the server screens nor in logs, except the ws logs. They show a single error:
"scanner(warning) : 027: Unable to read the sequence number from the
workstation object."

Thank you for any help you can contribute. I'm into my 3rd month of this
ZenWorks install, and all I can say is it is providing me with job
security. My sanity is a different story.
~ Sam