Okay, so I'm using the ZEN 6.5 SP1b "canned" reports

The online docs state:

"For example, if you want to know the list of machines whose
Distinguished Name is "CN=MACHINE1.OU=ENG.O=NOVELL", specify
"OU=ENG.O=NOVELL" as the selection criterion. All the machines whose DN
contains "OU=ENG.O=NOVELL" are displayed in the Inventory report but the
machines whose DN contains "ou=eng.o=novell" are not displayed in the
Inventory report.

So, I dutifully type in:


The search comes back with zilch.

But if I run a search for:


I will get say, 5 workstations and the
"OU=CONTAINER.OU=CONTAINER.O=CONTAINER" matches exactly what I typed in
on the previous search.

Does the search not work on containers anymore?