In my ongoing effort to make ZenWorks work, I am finally able to import and
inventory some workstations into the db. The solution was finding that the
agent on the workstations was for ZW 6.5, and we are using ZW 4.01 (aka
6.0) so replacing a couple of those agents allowed a few workstations to
register and import into the db.
But there are still problems. On many machines, nearly all, the
ntscan32.exe generates fatal errors while running and produces no
inventory. The scheduler shows ntscan32.exe running for a minute or so and
then crashes. I've tried 3 different versions of the agent on a few
different machines, all with the same result. We are using the novell
client 4.91, nw 6 sp4, windows xpsp2, ZfD 4 SP1b/4.0.1 Interim Release 6.
Any help would be great, thanks,
~ Sam