Anyone except me noticed that MS Office canned reports are real lousy at
counting. When i run those reports im missing around 300 of 1400
installations. To further aggrevate my anger over this i can't seem to
find what makes this report "tick". I have tried modifying the inventory
service policy. But frankly i havent seen the logical connection when i
compare the Software Dictionary, reconciled software versus the output of
the reports. If i do a software installations count search using the
keyword "office" i get the correct count for Office 2000 installations.
But ofcourse i don't get the necessary details (premium, standard or
proffesional). We're just now being audited by microsoft and i can't use
these reports, they look nice, but thats all.....

From what i can see when i look at the inventory of a single machine that
is missing in the MS canned reports it has failed to group the installed
components under the "Office" group. But the office group and
representative file information is there. I haven't been able to figure
out what makes these tick either. Cause both the group and the components
contain the same version and they still aren't grouped.... if this even
is relevant in this case.

I tried to look at the reports using Crystal, but i suck at crystal
reports and frankly, it seemed to me like the reports were just using
predefined tables which i could do nothing about (not with my knowledge

Any tips or ideas? PLEASE!