I can't for the life of me get the inventory service manager to load.
I've installed it on an OES 6.5 cluster. All other parts of ZEN are
working - import, database, imaging. I have configured the inv service
object as a root server with workstations, because it will be. The
scandir and synch schedule are configured.

I have enabled and configured the zenworks database policy in the
associated server package.
There is no log file at all in
volume:zenworks\inv\server\wminv\logs\zenworksinvs ervice

On the properties of the inventory service object under Server Status
there is nothing - no entries at all.

When I online the server I don't even get a brief screen. The only
feedback I get is on the logger screen which shows it exits with status 1.

Running 'listser *' produces a screen which reads "Unable to connect to
service manager. restart Zenworksinvservice" "'zenworksinvservice/null'
could not be listed"