After doing a ZfD upgrade to ZfD 6.5 SP1 on a NetWare Small business
server (NW 6.5 SP3) when I goto Tools | ZENworks Inventory | Configure
DB, I can browse to the Inventory Database object and select it but
when I click 'OK' in this dialog I get the error: "Unable to connect
to the inventory database. Ensure that the database object properties
are set properly and Database is up and running"

The Sybase database on the server is up and running, I can see data
being added by the storer service and if I goto a WS object and look at
Minimal Information on the ZENworks Inventory tab, I have information
there. Also, looking at the database object, it appears to be
configured correctly but I can't tell what some of the fields should
normally have in them. Server DN and Server IP address fields are

How can I 'Configure DB' so that I get more extensive inventory