So it's quite possible I've setup something wrong, or am thinking the
product can work in a certain way.

This is ZEN 6.5 SP1b on OES NetWare, but the pc's are using the IR4 ZEN
4 agent.

I ran a lovely inventory report and it shows me lots of pc's by OS, and
I thought the number should be lower.

So I ran a scan history report and set the criteria to be ON or BEFORE
May 1st, 2005.

It came up with 318 workstations.

Now, I've got the AWI Removal policy set to remove any workstation that
hasn't re-registered within 30 days.

Shouldn't this "remove" the workstation object from eDir and then the
ZEN inventory sync server compare what's in the database against what's
in eDir?

Or is this go back to that stable.ser thingy?

(I know for a fact the server had died ungraciously prior to being
upgraded to 6.5)

But I'm not 100% sure the sync service is working correctly (it says
it's starting it).