Hi, running NW6.5 SP2/ZFD 6.5 SP1A/Server high spec with 3GB memory. Has
been working fine with no problems, started to get error short term memory
allocator is out of memory for module dbsrv8 . Restarted and noticed when
the inventory database is loaded mgmtdbs.ncf we get the
message "attempting to allocate cache of 196608K, Memory not available -
cache size set to 137632K. 137632K of memory used for caching, and then we
get the short term memory allocator errors. Also noticed that mgmtdbs.ncf
file is requesting 192M (of memory) and that this file was updated with
ZFD patch, previously 128M (of memory). Changed the mgmtdbs.ncf to 128M
and no errors. Server stats appear fine and this error occurs immediately
after a reboot. Any help appreciated. Thanks.