Will be available a new update of ZFD 6.5 ( SP2 ) ? Possibly will be
this fixed ....

From: "Bambid" <bambid@email.cz>
Subject: Re: Reporting error
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 16:30:46 GMT
Message-ID: <WsBue.1980$tz6.1251@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>
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Remco Jansen wrote:

> Hi all,
> We'd like to start using the nalDatabase for application reporting.
> However when I right-click the SERVER_nalDatabase object, select
> Reporting..., Faillure Report (or any other report) I run into this
> error: "ZENworks Reporting encoutered an error because of Crystal
> Reports".
> I already tried to reinstall the ConsoleOne snapins as mentioned in
> the documentation. Upgrading MDAC isn't possible as my XP-SP2 system
> won't accept MDAC 2.8 (it says it's integrated and patched already).
> So... can someone shed some light on how to get information out of
> this database? I'd like to at least be able to confirm it's
> functional.

Same error on Windows 2000 SP4, installed MDAC 2.6 and MDAC 2.8 too. No