Ok, here's the situation...

In the zenworks inventory server console, it's showing workstations being
added to inventory as well as showing the .str file the inventory info gets
added to. When I look at that particular workstation object in console
one, it also shows the date and times of the latest inventory scans for
that workstation (which are correct, by the way).

The problem is, I export data from zen inventory into a .csv report, and
one of the columns in the report is "last scanned date". For the
particular said workstation, it shows the last scan date as August 29th,
2005 (as opposed to today October 3rd, 2005). Why is that? I am at a loss
of what could be causing that. We could try re-installing the zen
database, but that would cause major disruption to our uses in zen (for
example, we associate our lockdown policy to workstation objects). Any
information on this, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

John Ferrer
Network Support
Medical Faculty Associates