So there seems to be some confusion here as to whether or not it's
normal to see this error and whether or not the zfs-startup.xml file is
supposed to be blank.

I'm seeing this error on the inventory service screen.

On posting here, Marcus said it's normal as long as data can go into the

But then I see other posts that state that zenws SHOULD be running (and
it won't run if the zfs-startup.xml is blank), since that file is called
by zenws.ncf which in turn is called by startinv.ncf

I found a post where the contents of the .xml is posted, so I put that
into my zero-byte file.

But zenws still isn't running.

The logger screen shows:

java: Class com.novell.application.zenworks.loader.ZENloader exited
with status -1
java: Class .ZenWebServer exited
with status 1


If the xml file is NOT supposed to be blank, how does it get that way
(too many people complaining about this 0-byte file so either the CD
file is bad, or the SP1b breaks it somehow?)