*I posted this over at CoolSolutions too, but thought I may hit a different
group of experts*

I am TRYING to use Zenworks Inventory feature (Zen 6.5).

I am working on a laptop, that is imported into a "WORKSTATION IMPORT"
container. I can right click that laptop > properties > Zenworks Inventory
tab > Start full scan > ok.

I have it setup to run on computer startup, so I then reboot the laptop and
when it comes back up, the ZfdInvScanner process is running in the taskmgr.
I log in to Novell, and let the ZfdInvScanner finish. I then go back to my
main computer and browse to the folder "N:\ZENworks\Inv\ScanDir" where the
..STR file is stored (Zenworks database is installed on my SYS drive, while
the data is stored on the same hard drive, but in the DATA drive). The file
is there, but then there are 3 other folders in the ScanDir directory:
DBDir, EntMergeDir, and EntPushDir. All 3 of these folders are
empty....should they be?

I then go back to the workstation container, and right click > properties >
Zenworks inventory. I then select the minimal information drop down, and it
lists all the information there, but when I click "more workstation
information" I get the message "the configured inventory database is empty".

Also, if I go run a report, I get the message "the inventory database does
not contain any data".

I am just about out of options. I have reinstalled the database, I just did
Zenworks SP2 update, I have setup the policy to run on system startup, I
have configured the ODBC sybase driver on my computer (ran the test
connection on the USER and SYSTEM DSN and both connected successfully) ....
I currenty have the Inventory server role setup up as an Intermediate
server, although I did have it at standalone server, and that produced the
problems as above.