Hi all

We have an inventory server on NW 6.5, and the DB on a Windows 2003
server in SQL Server 2000.

We place a few custom system environment variables on all PCs, which
give the Serial Number, ID number of the PC, and purchase date. When we
re-image PCs, we have to re-enter all this manually, which is

We've come up with a plan to automate this, using some VBS scripts, VB
apps, a random assortment of ActiveX Controls and some pixie dust.
We're storing the variables in the inventory data as custom fields.

My problem is getting the data back out. I've gone through many tables
and views in the database (there's over 600), and I'm having trouble
finding a unique ID number. In the PCs Image Safe Data there is a long
number called 'Workstation Object ID', but I can't find that in the
database anywhere. The only ID I can find seems to be internal to the
database, so it seems Novell are manipulating the number and storing it

Does anybody know of a unique piece of data I can query on? The
Workstation Name is no good as it seems to change (goes from a
name.context.org form to cn=name.ou=context.o=org.t=tree form all by
itself, and does so seemingly randomly) and as I said, the Workstation
ID I can't find. If it is in there, does anybody know where?

Thanks in advance.

David Rickard