We upgraded from ZFD3.2 to ZFD6.5. At the same time we upgrade our
client from 4.83 SP2 to 4.91 with the Zenworks Managment Agent. The
import server is NW6.5 SP3. We do not have a middle tier server.

For our existing workstations we still have the ZFD3.2 pieces (Remote
Management, Zenworks Application Launcher, and Novell Workstation
Manager) installed on the pcs in addition to the Zenworks Desktop
Management Agent. We upgraded from 4.83 SP2 TO 4.91 using acu.exe.

My problem is that some of the workstations will not allow us to remote
control them using Zenbrowser 4.0. They give me a Remote Management
error "1456: The Remote Management Agent is unable to read infomation
from the eDirectory server. Verify that the workstation object is valid
and the middle tier server is up and running". I then deleted the old
ZFD 3.2 pieces. Still didn't work.

After I get the 1456 error I delete the workstation using Console One.
I then login as a local admin and run zwsreg. I promptly get the error
"Could not create the workstation. Make sure that you provide rights
for the service by adding the appropriate containers to the containers
list in the import policy". The container the workstations are created
in and the container above that are listed on the server
package/General/Workstation Import/Containers tab. The server
package/General/Workstation Import policy is a trustee of the container
the workstations are created in and the container above that with
effective rights of the following:

All attributes - Compare/Read/Write/Add Self
Entry rights - Browse/Create

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Kathy